As light passes through the vial(s) of botanical extracts, they pick up the harmonic resonance or vibratory signature of the different botanicals and other natural substances. The photons then transmit and deliver this energy into the body.


Why does HALO Light Systems use Violet Wavelength?

Not UV Light

The Violet wavelength of light carry the most harmonic energy. It is the most efficient delivery system of harmonically charged photons, much more than any other light wavelengths. HALO Systems light devices are engineered and built with special Light Emitting Diodes (LED). These diodes are calibrated to emit a specific wavelength of energy at 405nm of the electromagnetic spectrum. It is NOT Ultraviolet light. Ultraviolet light is invisible at 380nm wavelength, which can harm the skin.


Body Interaction


As the light energy is directed onto the skin, most of the charged photons are absorbed within the first few millimeters. This superficial layer is covered with a network of nerve endings. As harmonically charged photons are delivered into the epidermis, the nerve endings create a powerful physiological effect, inducing local metabolic changes and the creation of secondary messengers.

Secondary messengers also serve to greatly amplify the strength of the photonic- botanical signals, causing important beneficial changes in the biochemical activities within the cell. Thus, creating the possibility of a profound local and systemic effect. This is how photonic-botanical harmonic energy quickly create systemic effects also known as the “ignition of a healing response”.

These secondary messengers are molecules that relay signals received at receptors on the cell surface that target molecules on the cell membrane and within the nucleus of the cell to modify physiological and genetic information.

Ignition of healing response