Direct Light Treatment to the Body

Simply choose a vial from you collection of systems and place it into the light device. Direct the light beam anywhere on the body for personal therapy. We offer multiple suggestions where the most effective places are:

  • Sublingual: Direct the light beam into your mouth and under the tongue.

  • Auricular: Direct the light beam into the ear canal, around and behind the ear lobe.

  • Nasal Cavity: Professionals in mental health recommend this method for Emotional, Mental and Neurological challenges.

  • Locally: directly applied to the affected area of the body.

  • If you are familiar with Meridian Pressure Points, you are encouraged to highlight those spots too.

In fact, the entire body is covered with nerve endings, therefore anywhere is completely acceptable with only one exception: Take care not to shine the light directly into your eyes.

Generally, 1 to 2 minutes per vial system is sufficient time to ignite the healing response in the human body. Repeat therapy treatment multiple time per day as needed, allowing the body 60 to 90 minutes between sessions to process the energy treatment.

Insert the Water Structure (WS) vial into your light device and direct the light beam onto the surface of your drinking water.

15 seconds for 5 gallons or less will be sufficient time to restructure your water into micro-clusters. Repeat with any or all your other vial systems to infuse the desired harmonics.

Hydrate your body with the best water for quantum nutrition and energize your body.

This system structures water into micro-clusters for greater cellular permeability (uptake and absorption). This is a physical action that takes place at the molecular level. Water structuring does not remove any impurities, nor does it change the alkalinity or purity of your water.

The HALO structured/charged water can be used for drinking, cooking, brewing tea or coffee and any other consumable water use. Best practice and use in ice cubes, humidifiers, misters and bath water.

Highly recommended for pets and livestock.

Direct Light Treatment into Drinking Water