Main Benefits of Using HALO Systems

The HALO Systems act like massive harmonic engines to infuse the body with the light/botanical harmonic energies. Most patients/clients’ experience:

  • Supports the body in regulating the immune system.

  • Promotes Longevity and General Wellness.

  • Supports the body in the management of pain and inflammation.

  • Assists in stress reduction and promotes a calming sensation that can be immediate and can last 6-12 hours.

  • A feeling of renewed vigor and vitality lasting for days.

  • Supports emotional, mental and neurological well- being.

  • Drinking HALO Structure water enhances hydration and flushes out the dead pathogens and other toxins.

The amazing thing about the HALO Systems is the increase in overall perceived “wellness” and added vitality, not just the reduction or elimination of pain.

The photonic/botanical harmonic energies stimulate ATP production within the cells and increase intercellular communication. The body has unique mechanisms that know what to do with these energies and how best to incorporate these energies to expedite energy distribution and healing throughout the body.