Penetration Depth of a Standard Light-Generating Device

The accepted depth of penetration capacity of the light emitted from modern light generating devices depends on its specific wavelength and light intensity, but, on average, the penetration is about 3 – 6 cm (1 – 2 inches.). Most photons are absorbed in the first few millimeters. As the photons pass through the skin, the more superficial tissues absorb them, thus reducing the number of photons that reach deeper layers. However, as photons enter the body, they create a powerful physiological effect by inducing local metabolic changes and the creation of secondary messengers. Secondary messengers are molecules that relay signals received at receptors on the cell surface that target molecules on the cell membrane and within the nucleus of the cell to modify physiological and genetic information.

Secondary messengers also serve to greatly amplify the strength of the photonic-botanical signals causing important beneficial changes in the biochemical activities within the cell. Thus, as the effect of the photons diminishes with increasing depth, the physiological effects rapidly multiply, creating the possibility of a profound local and systemic effect. This is how photonic-botanical energies quickly create systemic effects.

It was Dr. Endre Mester’s experiments in 1966–67 that first documented the widespread, systemic effect of light therapy. Serving as a professor of surgery in Hungary, Dr. Mester performed a series of revolutionary experiments that first documented the healing effects of high-energy light devices. In his earliest study, he discovered that tissue growth was accelerated with light (photon) therapy. His later experiments documented not only improved healing with photon therapy, but also demonstrated that the healing was a systemic and not a local phenomenon. His work stimulated many other researchers in Europe and Eastern Europe to appreciate the value of light therapy long before it was appreciated in Asia, Africa and the Americas.

HALO Light Therapy does not rely on light alone as do all other light therapies. HALO Light Therapy transmits light through vials of botanical and amino acid blends. The light photons then carry the vibrational energies of these components into the body where the body then uses the energies in a myriad of ways to promote several positive reactions.