Halo Water Structure (WS)

How Halo structured water can benefit you

How does Halo Water Structure Work?

The light (photons) passes through the WS vial that contains a special solution which is in a micro-cluster formation. Then the photons pick up the harmonic information and copies the molecular formation, restructuring the water molecules into micro-clusters (This is often called “water memory”). As photons hit the open surface of the water (and not through plastic or glass), diffraction takes place instantly, structuring a container of water up to 5 gallons. For every 1-5 gallons of water, 15 seconds of light should be sufficient time .

To add the vibratory information of the other vials of botanicals, simply repeat the process to infuse your water with hundreds of botanicals in the vials contained in your HALO kit. There is no limit on the number of frequencies you can add to your HALO structured water. Remember, water has unlimited memory.

Whenever you drink HALO water, it acts as a delivery system for all the botanical frequencies to the body at the cellular level.

The HALO structured water can be used for

  • Drinking, cooking, brewing tea or coffee and any other consumable water uses.

  • Make ice cubes to chill your beverages.

  • Use HALO structured water for wet towel compresses.

  • It can also be used in humidifiers, misters and bath water.

  • Highly recommended for pets and livestock.

  • Water your plants and flowers.

  • Hydrate yourself with Halo structured water for overall wellness.

How to incorporate Halo Water Structure in your daily life