See what real people have to say about Halo Legacy!

Please take a quick look at some of our success stories using HALO Ultra Blue System:
  • Patient M came to office feeling blue after a death in the family. We utilized the EMN vial with the Halo laser for 30 seconds up his nose and within 15 minutes Michael stated he felt more at ease and even slightly joyous.

  • Patient J, a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, stated he had torn his meniscus of the right knee. We utilized the P vial with the Halo laser for 45 seconds every day for 1 week directly on his right knee. J stated the swelling was reduced and he was able to take class again the following week.

  • Patient M came to the office complaining of severe environmental allergies. We utilized the A-V vial with the Halo laser for 30 seconds in both ears 3 times a week and we also charged her drinking water. Patient stated total relief and is enjoying the rebirth of springtime.

  • Patient J a 17-year-old student with grate potential in baseball came to the office suffering with severe symptoms from Lyme’s disease. We utilized the A-V, SS and Lyme’s vials with the halo laser for 30 seconds in both ears 3 times a week and we also charged his drinking water. Within 2 weeks patient was able to complete pitching a double header.

  • Patient E, an 11-year-old gymnast came to office complaining of servers in heel (stress fracture). We utilized the P vial with the Halo laser for 30 seconds on her heel. Patient stated complete relief than she purchased her own Halo.

  • Patient S came to office suffering with a new diagnosis of lymphoma with 2 massive hot stops on cervical lymph nodes via PET scans. We utilized the L1 L2 L3 Vials for 30 seconds in each ear 4 times a day every day for 2 weeks. Patient then purchased his own Halo to continue his lifelong endeavor of maintaining wellness.

  • Patient N came into the office with a random undefined rash all over leg that was not diagnosed with what it was via a dermatologist and after 3 sessions of Halo utilizing the A-V and SS vials the rash was 50% better.

In 16 years, I’ve NEVER seen anything quite like this device for the support of normal response to discomforting physical issues.

"The HALO System is a perfect fit with The Healing Codes. The Healing Codes work on the spiritual issues of the heart only. When those heal the physical may get better.

But The Healing Codes does not, and has not ever, treated physical health issues. This new invention only addresses the physical and is more effective than anything I’ve ever seen."

-Dr. Alex Loyd
Author of The Healing Codes

Our findings clearly show significant improvement in cardiovascularadaptation, comprehensive peak performance...

"September of last year (2015) some of my colleagues and I conducted an objective test on HALO performance using the HeartQuest (which is a heart rate variability technology).

Our findings clearly show significant improvement in cardiovascular adaptation, comprehensive peak performance and the autonomic nervous system regulation.

Thank you Michael Thomas for creating such beautiful tool”

- Dr. Michael Kessler, DC, CCSP, NTP (Phoenix, Ariz.)

This visionary leader and internationally acclaimed speaker has spread the Chiropractic message globally for 20 years.

“A terrific tool and technology that is all natural, easy to learn. A great way to help patients get long lasting pain management results”

- Dr. Bob Hoffman - President of the Masters Circle

No findings suspicious for clinically significant prostate cancer are detected

I just got my MRI results and wanted to share it with you! It shows one tumor completely disappeared and the other one shrunk significantly.

I have been using the HALO System for several weeks now and I feel it has made a world of a difference!

Hallelujah!!!!!! I Thank you and the Lord sooooooooo much!!!!!!! I’m sending the Zwanger reports with this email.

- Henry E

After a 30 Second TX with the MS vial under the tongue and over the side of his head the patient remarked "the pain is gone!"

I wanted to share with you my experience with your therapy device. I started using the Halo on a few patients to see how they respond. One of the patients was in a car accident and was having pain on the side of his head. He was getting some help from the Chiropractic care and Laser. After a 30 Second TX with the MS vial under the tongue and over the side of his head the patient remarked "the pain is gone!".

I consistently get similar results when using HALO water and light treatment combinations. I will keep you posted as I use it more frequently with other conditions.

- Dr. Mike Murphy

This year she was able to attend their annual reunion dance which was very important to her

I wanted to update you on Jessica’s progress. Her oncologist and her holistic doctor are both pleased with her response to treatment, halo light, and dietary changes. Jess has more energy and can enjoy activities that she couldn’t last year. Jess graduated from Burlington County Special Services School in 2004. This year she was able to attend their annual reunion dance which was very important to her. Her afternoon naps are often reduced to only an hour, when last year 3 hours was the maximum that she was able to be awake without needing rest.

She has been doing lighting three times a day ever since we first received the Halo Light in early 2018. Sometimes it’s a challenge to get her to cooperate. I asked her doctor about reducing it to twice a day and she recommended that we remain at three times because she is familiar with the Halo light and she didn’t want to make any changes in Jessica’s treatment. We are currently treating her 35 seconds per vial, three times daily, with vials P, L1, L2, L3, EZ, SS, LD, EMN, AE, SL, and A-V.

John and I appreciate your interest and support since we first contacted you. We know that Jessica is in God’s Hands and are thankful for the healing that she’s had. We’d appreciate any assistance you could provide and ask that you continue to keep her in your prayers.

Thank you,

Karen W

(Purchasing a HALO Max) It has been the “Icing On The Cake” with all the other natural things I do

It is with great excitement that I read your emailing posting about Michael Thomas new vial ... Halo Pro System. Yes, I will be listening to his presentation tomorrow afternoon at 4 o’clock but, in the meantime, I want to place an order for this New Halo Pro System. Please send me an email of the cost and then I will call and place my order. Thank you.

My history with Halo: I first had my own Gold Halo Light in December 2015. In 2018 I purchased the Blue Halo Light and in January 2019 I purchased the Halo Max system. Halo light and drinking 20 ounces of Halo water is all a part of my daily life. I have successfully managed MS for 34 years by taking care of myself naturally. I have never taken MS medicine. When I first was introduced to the Michael Thomas Halo Light I was impressed. Soon after I purchased my own Halo light. It has been the “Icing On The Cake” with all the other natural things I do. (Eat very nutritional food that I prepare myself, drink 60 ounces of water daily, exercise daily, massage twice weekly and most importantly renew my spirit daily by reading God’s word from my Bible.)

I am thankful to know that Michael is doing well health wise and still able to put together new vials for the Halo light to help so many people. I consider it a blessing that I have my own Halo light to use daily and I am thankful for it. I pray for continued good health for Michael Thomas and staff.


Janey K


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