Frequently Asked Questions

How long should each treatment be performed?

It really depends on the circumstances and the clinical presentation. Many variables such as, lifestyle, personal diet, water consumption, daily medications, etc., may have different requirements. Remember, each person is chemically and physiologically different.

What is the depth of penetration of a standard light generating device?

The accepted depth of penetration capacity of the light emitted from modern light generating devices depends on its specific wavelength and light intensity, but, on average, the penetration is about 3 – 6 cm (1 – 2 inches.).

How Do I use HALO Systems Therapy?

Biophotonic Therapy can be received in multiple ways.

Does the HALO Systems harmonics botanical light treat, heal or cure?

It would be accurate to state that the light/photons and botanicals do not heal, cure, etc., rather the body itself is the miracle. The body utilizes the supplied energies from this and other sources to aid in its healing processes.

Can I use HALO Systems while pregnant?

If the woman is suffering from low to mid-back pain, treat the area as usual. The light will diffuse within the muscular and joint tissues before reaching the fetus. Also, amniotic fluid acts as a light diffuser but always remember to use common sense. Also remember that our guiding directive is “Do No Harm”. Any other bodily areas away from frontal mid- section, or directly over the eyes, are safe for our photo-botanical treatment systems.

Is it OK to carry the light devices onboard an aircraft?

Regarding the HALO ULTRA BLUE System, it is legal and acceptable to carry aboard an aircraft but when going through the security check make sure to place your device(s) in the plastic tub with your laptop, loose change, personal items, etc.

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What are the main benefits they might expect to receive?

The amazing thing about the HALO Systems is the increase in overall perceived “wellness” and added vitality, not just the reduction or elimination of pain.

How long do the vials last or how many sessions are the botanicals good for?

Vials that were created 15 years ago are just as viable today as the day they were originally made. One might assume that the botanical vials will last beyond 10 years.

Most patients experience instantly noticeable results. However, a few of my patients do not experience those instant results. Why is this?

Employ harmonically energized water immediately to your patient/client protocols and within 24 hours you will observe a profound difference. Charged water protocols are a major part of HALO therapy. Charged water provides the proper media to conduct the HALO harmonic energies from cell to cell via electro-magnetic transduction.

What ingredients are in each of the vials or what are the formulas that are in each of the vials?

The botanical formulas are highly proprietary and have been developed over several years. Reading the ingredients listed in this User Manual would provide one with an idea of what is used in the various vials.